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  1. Thank you so much..

    (Posted on 2016-04-28 02:35:00 by Taman Siswa)
  2. Posted today on Facebook from RUIR
    Good morning everyone and we wish you a happy Wednesday. As you know, this year is the 70th Anniversary of VE - DAY. Significantly it is also the 75th Anniversary of Bomb Disposal. In recognition of their dedication to carrying forward the memory and spirit of the wartime bomb disposal teams on the Home Front, our friends and colleagues at 25th BD Company Royal Engineers Living History Group have been exclusively invited to attend a special service to be held at St. Pauls Cathedral, London and afterwards to be part of a unique BD tour of sites in London in association with 29th EOD Squadron and 22rd EOD Regiment. Well done to Captain Mike Authers for demonstrating that all dedicated living historians have a recognised and vital contribution to make to Remembrance and Education.

    (Posted on 2015-03-18 10:56:00 by Re-enactors United in Remembrance ( RUIR) Via John Leete.)
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    (Posted on 2015-01-07 06:03:00 by metland tambun)
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    (Posted on 2014-12-14 14:52:00 by jam tangan swiss army original)
  5. Hi Captain mike
    What an excellent site,i know we have been in touch in the past i can add a link from my web site if you wish.
    keep up the good work!
    Kind regards

    (Posted on 2014-10-23 06:42:00 by cinderella wallpaper)
  6. Re. 100th Birthday Major Francis Budd RE.. Thank you for the demo which achieved what was wanted!
    We'll look forward to seeing the disc in due course.
    We have the necessary papers for the French Government's generous offer - we need a similar gesture from our own for the Bomb disposal heroes?

    All good wishes,

    Digby H-H

    (Posted on 2014-07-22 23:25:00 by Col. Digby H-H)
  7. Dear all

    Many thanks to all of you who supported our event over the weekend, we really appreciated you giving your time and some of you travelling large distances to be with us.

    Although the event was quieter than some we have held in the past we have had very positive feed back from veterans VIPs and other visitors so feel we have managed to mark this special 70th anniversary of D Day year in an appropriate way.

    If any of you are in the area do pop in – we’d love to see you

    Kind regards


    Alison Steele
    Manager Lepe Country Park

    Hampshire County Council, Countryside Service
    Lepe Country Park
    SO45 1AD

    (Posted on 2014-07-17 12:33:00 by Alison. Steele)
  8. Dear Mike,
    Thank you so much for coming to join us at "Wartime Wallop". We really did appreciate all your clever efforts in producing a tremendous display.

    It was such a shame that the weather and its forecast was so beastly, otherwise I believe that we would have had far more people in attendance and would have been able to have the event outdoors which of course is what we originally envisaged - and you would have been able to produce the bangs!
    I do hope that you enjoyed the day and will be happy to be with us for future events.

    Kind regards,

    (Posted on 2014-07-17 12:27:00 by Alison Carmichael)
  9. Mike looking good, keep up the good work. The Royal Engineers Association are behind you all the way

    Regards Pete Branch Sec

    (Posted on 2014-05-06 12:18:00 by Peter Markham)
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    (Posted on 2014-01-11 14:48:00 by digital marketing jakarta)
  11. I am glad to be visit this blog and I got a lot of extra knowledge. Greetings

    (Posted on 2014-01-07 16:28:00 by dapur cokelat)
  12. My Grandfather sapper lodge served with 25 bomb disposal com eltham london from may 1942 - july 1945 he has now passed , RIP Grandad. respect to all who serve.

    (Posted on 2013-09-22 07:47:00 by Brian)
  13. All these years and I had no idea that my great uncle (Sapper Douglas Arthur Vince) had people who dedicate their time to remember him and his fallen comrades of the Royal Engineers since their sad loss during the UXB difusal during WW2 at Crown Lane....thank you so much for what you have done, and continue to do. Hope to be in touch and I hope to become involved, Thank You.

    (Posted on 2013-07-31 22:42:00 by Matthew Rees)
  14. From Liz Lane, WW11RESW 29th InfantryTavistock 1943 Memorial Weekend.
    Love to the both of you and your very professional team. A must have for any true educational representation, formidable and assured to keep history alive. Great team and team work, a simple and very big.....THANK YOU! xxx

    (Posted on 2013-05-31 20:52:00 by captmike1940)
  15. Good website Slim. Good to meet everyone at the Lunch on 13th May. Hope to make next year's at Boulmer - but I'll have to fly in from Nigeria to attend!

    (Posted on 2012-09-10 06:30:00 by christian louboutin uk)
  16. Pete Shaw and I will be attending the Bomber Command Memorial unveiling in London on the 28th of June. If any members are visiting this event, please let me know as we will be calling in for a social drink at a nearby venue afterwards.

    (Posted on 2012-09-10 06:29:00 by christian louboutin sale)
  17. Below was sent to us from the US, Please browse their site and see what they do. Thank You

    (Posted on 2012-06-06 10:11:00 by captmike1940)
  18. Good Day 25th. Bomb Disposal. Co. Royal Engineers. L.H.G. and Friends,

    I came across your site, 25th. Bomb Disposal. Co. Royal Engineers. L.H.G., and noticed that we share a similar interest in the health and wellness of Veterans. I think that your site offers a wonderful source of information and relevant resources to your viewers. I believe I have a great addition to your collection of links. My name is Sarah Anderson, the Communications Director for Mesothelioma Resource Online. Approximately 30% of all patients in the US diagnosed with this lethal form of cancer served in the military at some point. However, our site, www.MesotheliomaSymptoms.com, is an excellent resource to learn about Asbestos in the military and the various treatment options for Mesothelioma.

    I saw that on your site, http://www.25thbombdisposalcorelhg.webeden.co.uk has some links to some other great veteran resources, and I would be grateful if you shared our site, MesotheliomaSymptoms.com. Ideally, this would be a single text link to Mesothelioma to help raise awareness.

    (Posted on 2012-06-06 10:03:00 by captmike1940)
  19. Hi Clifford, i will try and trace some details for you. also if you go to EOD site link on our link page they might have something there for you. Thank you for sharing details. it makes our group worthwhile in keeping their memories and the job they did alive for they are the unsung heroes of WW11 and present day. Many thanks again for visiting our site. Best Wishes. Mike

    (Posted on 2011-12-20 12:33:00 by capt.mike)
  20. Just sharing a thought or two following the death of my Dad, Ronald William Dunn.[30 November 2011]. He was a Lance Corporal with the 25th Bomb Disposal and had many tales to tell about his time in London during WW2, especially time spent in and around Eltham.
    In the autumn of 2010 a bomb was unearthed in Plymouth under what was the old NAAFI site.
    Someone sent him a photo from the newspaper and in spite of his being 92 and having a Macular problem he was able to identify it and describe how to deal with it.
    I would be interested in tracking down his War Service records. All I have is a trophy he won for Rifle Shooting-of which he was very proud.

    Clifford Dunn

    (Posted on 2011-12-20 11:07:00 by Clifford Dunn)
  21. Hi Steve, many thanks for visiting our site and your comments, will be updating site in 2012 when i return from Europe in New Year, we try to log all if possible, watch out for my book release in late Spring. Maybe see you at an event in 2012. You can add a link no prob. appreciate the interest.
    Many thanks again. Kind Regards, Capt Mike

    (Posted on 2011-12-03 13:25:00 by capt.mike)
  22. Hi Captain mike
    What an excellent site,i know we have been in touch in the past i can add a link from my web site if you wish.
    keep up the good work!
    Kind regards
    Steve Venus (Fuzeman)

    (Posted on 2011-12-01 22:51:00 by Steve Venus)
  23. Hi Amanda if you send me a email with with name etc, will look this up for you had similiar mail about a survivour back then. thank you for visiting our site Best Regards Mike

    (Posted on 2011-11-03 15:55:00 by capt.mike)
  24. Hi
    I wonder if any one can help me?
    My grandfather Roland Robberts was in the Royal Engineers Bomb Disposal Unit and used to tell the story of a bomb found on a railway line that exploded while he was down the line telephoning HQ. All the men were killed and he lived with the memory of the horror of that sight for the rest of his life. He died in June this year.
    Is there any way I can find out if he was part of the tragedy at Hook?
    Thank you

    (Posted on 2011-11-01 14:17:00 by Amanda Jenkins)
  25. my old man was in the royal engineers in ww2 he was from exmouth cornwall he passed away in 2006 still miss himhis daughter madeleine howe

    (Posted on 2011-06-10 08:32:00 by madeline howe)
  26. Hi Capt. Mike,
    We met at the opem Day at the Royal Engineers Museum in October. I was very impressed with your display and I invited your group to attend the "War on the Rails" event at The MizensR auilway, Knaphill, near Woking, Surrey on 26th. June 2011. It has taken me a while to get in touch as I didn't have your contact details. Are you still interested in attending? I can e-mail you more information and a site plan, etc. We would re-imburse the cost of fuel and of any pyrotechnics that you expended and open our site on saturday if you wanted to camp. We are raising money and awareness for the "Help for Heroes" charity. Keep up the good work, Roger Hutchins.

    (Posted on 2011-04-14 08:19:00 by Roger Hutchins)
  27. Hi Capt. many thanks for your significant contribution to the success of last Fridays event. at Wildground Junior School. A good time was had by all and we couldn't have done it without you and your team. See you again soon I hope. All the best chum!
    John Leete
    Features Editor.
    WW11 Re-Enactors Magazine.

    (Posted on 2011-04-06 22:10:00 by John Leete)
  28. Good Evening Mike

    Just a quick note to say a huge thanks for the work you completed with the children on Friday - they were still buzzing when I spoke to them this morning! You really helped to bring history to life and on behalf of all the children you worked with - thank you. I truly hope you will be willing to come back into school next year to work with the children again.

    With thanks

    Russell Taylor, Year 6 leader.

    (Posted on 2011-03-30 15:34:00 by Russell Taylor, Year 6 leader Wildground Junior School Dibden Pu)
  29. Great website! I passed on the details to my sister as it is good to remember the work done by our dad who was in 6 and 19 BDU-RE. He passed away 15th July 2009, another link lost with that period of our history. Best wishes.

    (Posted on 2010-09-21 18:52:00 by Roger Farleigh)
  30. Hi, nice display at the weekend, thanks for spending the time talking to us. Liz (landarmy) and i were really impressed, hope to see you at the watercress event at the weekend.
    Mark (AAC Airborne and crowd controller).

    (Posted on 2010-06-03 18:41:00 by mark stillman)
  31. Such a worthwhile cause. I would like to compliment the web page designer on such a great layout. Was it YOU Mike???

    (Posted on 2010-03-08 08:55:00 by Gillian Callister)
  32. This was from an Veteran posted on our site on Facebook.......


    (Posted on 2010-03-08 12:40:00 by captmike1940)
  33. Hi Mike and the gang!

    Excellent web site, and looking forward to working with you all in 2010

    Capt Murray
    4th Dorsetshire regt

    (Posted on 2010-01-25 19:50:00 by Colin Murray)
  34. well done nice website :-)

    (Posted on 2009-07-25 12:34:00 by angie)
  35. Hi Mike
    Hope you got home safely
    Just a quick note to say a big thank you and your team for coming to support our event and giving the public such a professional display - it was really appreciated. Just sorry I didn't have more time to have a chat over the weekend

    Hope the rest of your summer goes well and we'll keep you posted should someone twist my arm to do it all again one day!


    Alison Steele
    Manager Lepe Country Park

    (Posted on 2009-07-24 12:06:00 by alison.steele)

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