25th. Bomb Disposal. Co. Royal Engineers. L.H.G.


Memorial Pics etc

Service remembers bomb blast heroes basingstoke ga

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WO11 unfurling Colours off Memorial

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R.L.C. Bomb Disposal in attendance

           Reverse Arms

by  our L/Sgt. C. Mandville

Wreath & Crosses at Hook Memorial

Capt. Mike Authers placing Cross at Memorial

25th BD , 4th Dorset , RNVR, Reenactors, On Parade Group members,  plus local Dignatories, reps from Council and SW Trains and locals at Plaque unvieling Nately Scures Hants.

Above pics were taken on Aug 18th 2009,  at the scene of the Six RE Sappers killed excavating down                to a 250kg UXB, which dropped in Nately Scures on that date in 1940,

Members of my group laid flowers and a Wreath in their Honour and will do so yearly ,

we braved the rain to carry out our Respect for those brave guys.

2010 is their 70th Anniversary of their deaths and we will be holding a Memorial Service there in Crown Lane.

Details can be found on our diary page or you can email for details.

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Nothe Fort 8th/9th May 2010

Even the ATS stop for tea and a chat  

it's another Parachute land mine

Commander do't forget it 17secs then !!!

Five Members of the group, plus, Jane, Ian & Barry Organisers of Nothe Fort  65th VE Day Event. Capt. Mike Authers holding the Award presented to us by them for our 6th Birthday with Ats  Girls, Viv, Pat, Angie, Commander Dudley Skinner RNVR R.M.S