25th. Bomb Disposal. Co. Royal Engineers. L.H.G.


74th Anniversary Memorial Service


Memorial Ceremony at Nately Scures nr..Hook ,Hants, on 18th May.2014 at 12.30pm. Being held by the 25th. Bomb Disposal. Co. RE. L. H. Group.


Now is all complete for this Memorial Service, we have 3 living relatives of Spr. Douglas Vince and over 25 Dignitaries attending and various members of L.H. Groups, locals etc.

We have arranged refreshments at The Raven Hotel Hook. nr the station (Tea/Coffee) for after the service. On that day we will meet everyone there at 11.00- 12.15.then make our way to Crown Lane. possibly car share there and back as area has limited parking space. See me on the day. The Police will be helping and Big thanks to Home Front History who will supply 3 MP's to marshal the people and also for the 4 Riflemen who will be the Honour Guard. Thanks Guys. Service will be approx 30mins. If you want to bring flowers or Wreaths you are welcome too. TV and local media will be there too

      Due to the sensitivity of the occasion, regrettably no axis in uniform and are welcome without.

  Full story and Contact details for enquiries are available at 25thbombdisposalcorelhg.webeden.co.uk


Memorial Service on Sunday May 18th 2014

THERE will be no pomp and only the simplest of ceremonies.

No clatter of hushed remembrance.

No massed crowds silently saluting those who will now

Always be saluted, but there is an ending, and a beginning.


People who know the debt that was owed will gather at a very special Remembrance ceremony in Nately Scures, near Hook, on Sunday May 18th 2014

On a piece of land that echoed of loss and sacrifice - just as much as any battleground on which men and women gave their lives in any war.


Members of Living History Groups will also be in full 1940s dress while a bugler from the Salvation Army Plays The Last Post / Reveille, An Honour Guard, and The Piper plays a lament at the end in this sombre ceremony.

Dignitaries and local people will come together to celebrate the lives of

Six Second World War heroes who gave their lives to protect the village in

1940. And will pay tribute to the men with this special service

at Crown Lane Nately Scures, Hants


We are 10yrs old this May 8th , and in 2006 after getting through loads of red tape and helpful support in research from the Officers at Aldershot Garrison Cemetery, RE Museum, Officers Assoc, War Memorial Commission, Locals, Local Media, ITV, Council & Railway officers to name a few,

We on 18th Aug 2006 held an open air service at Hook Railway Station Hants in Remembrance of Six Sappers who were killed defusing a 250kg UXB dropped a quarter of a mile near the bridge at Nately Scures at 1030hrs that day in 1940.

In Nov 2007 the six men are also honoured with a plaque in Hook railway station. on the wall by the waiting room for all Passengers to see.

Then on Dec 8th 2009 we laid a Memorial plaque in Crown Lane Nately Scures Hants 100yrds from where the incident Happened, this as the other was attended by locals, reenactors, and Reps from the Railway, War Commission and Council , since then people have been laying flowers there. we as a group have taken it on ourselves to every year lay a Wreath on Aug 18th and lay one on Remembrance Sunday too at the Plaque and Hook Memorial.


The 18 inch plaque, which is set in concrete on the ground less than 100 foot from where the blast occurred, was laid by the Group in 2009


                                                        A Big Thank you to you all for your support.


Please see below brief story….

More on this story of Heroism to follow shortly as we are in contact with survivor of that tragic day....

                                                       Their Story

Crown Lane, Nately Scures, Nr Hook. Hants August 18th 1940 10.30am


On The morning of August 18th 1940.a detachment of soldiers from the 6th section of the 48th Bomb Disposal Company Royal Engineers were called to an incident near Hook railway station in Hampshire to de-fuse an unexploded German bomb that had fallen overnight. Into a brickyard adjacent to the track in Crown Lane, approximately a mile from the station. The bomb had to be defused quickly due to its location and the threat to the main line. Due to the amount of time that had passed since the bomb had come down the young engineers knew they were in grave danger but they pressed on regardless. They began to dig down to the bomb that had buried itself deep in the ground. While excavating the bomb it exploded killing 6 of the soldiers and severely injuring their NCO Lance Sergeant Button who was thrown a considerable distance by the blast. For his actions that day Lance Sergeant was awarded the Empire Medal.

The dead soldiers were later interred at Aldershot Military Cemetery. They were

Fred Gavid 22 yrs

Arthur Hill 20 yrs

Ralph Moxon aged 21 yrs

Douglas Vince aged 23 yrs

Fred Warner aged 23 yrs

Arthur White aged 23 yrs


This tragic event had been largely forgotten by the people of Hook and came to light during some research being done by Andover based WW2 Living History group the 25th Bomb Disposal Co. RE LHG which portrays the work of the Bomb Disposal units during the war years including present day EOD Work.


Memorial Service Video May18th. 2014 for the Six Sappers killed at Nately Scures Hants. UK


Please click for video.


Not UK Memorial --Only one we attended in Croatia on the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Batina. which was the toughest  battle fought on a narrow front Nov. 10th-30th 1944  between the Germans and allies on one side, and the yugoslav Partisans and Red Army on the other though it ended in an allied victoryfor the Red Army. The losses on all sides were enormous. See link to Croatian newspaper. need to be translated though..

Link to Vojnapovijest.




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August 2014

Press Release


Local MP Maria Miller welcomes official tribute to 48th Bomb Disposal Company Royal Engineers


In 1940 a detachment of soldiers from the 6th section of the 48th Bomb Disposal Company Royal Engineers were called to de-fuse an unexploded German bomb that threatened the main railway line between Basingstoke and Hook. While excavating the bomb it exploded, killing six of the soldiers and severely injuring their NCO Lance Sergeant Button. Lance Sergeant Button was awarded the Empire Medal for his actions on that day.


At the time, the six who were killed did not receive any recognition for their contribution to ensuring that this vital rail link between London the ports remained open at a critical time in the war.

After attending the 74th Memorial Service of the incident, Maria wrote to the Government to ask that the actions of this group of young men be officially marked.


Lord Astor of Hever DL, Ministry of Defence has ensured that proper recognition is now in place.

Lord Aster has written “I pay tribute to the heroic actions of these men, whose actions helped to preserve the principles of freedom and sovereignty that we cherish today. The Government and the nation have the utmost admiration for bomb disposal operators and the major contribution that they made in protecting our Nation and interests in the face of significant losses during the Second World War”


Maria said, “The extraordinary courage of these young men meant that this important rail link continued to operate at a time when our country was under extreme threat of invasion in the summer of 1940. Their selflessness meant that the railway remained open to ensure food and military personal could continue to be moved around the country. We owe them all a debt of gratitude. I am delighted that Minister has paid tribute to the heroic actions of these six soldiers.”