25th. Bomb Disposal. Co. Royal Engineers. L.H.G.


More Pics 2010 /2011

Two of our ATS Girls dressed as

Home Front Mums Knitty Nora & Gladys

at Andover RAF Farewell Event

GetAttachment andover Swindon01 Swindon2 Swindon3

Parachute mine safely defused,

hence the smile from Commander Dudley our RNVR  RMS Officer at Swindon 09

A tense moment, with our L/Sgt.Cliff's tongue in cheek expectation

Tension mounts as fuse is slowly & steadily removed from bomb by Mike our BD Officer, no room for error at this stage..  nr the railway at Swindon 09

swindon6 swindon7 swindon9 swindon10

Another Butterfly made safe

by Swindon Railway bridge



DSC_0256 bunker+bash+2010+041 - Copy bunker+bash+2010+043 mikes new puter 243

Various Pics from Overlord 2011, Watercress, BunkerBash, Fortress Wales, etc. Below pics from Overlord 2012, more to follow.

mikes new puter 247 DSCN0719 DSCN0757 DSCN0903 IMG_8786 (456x640) IMG_8790 (800x533) IMG_8791 (640x427) IMG_8792 (427x640) IMG_8796 (427x640) IMG_8798 (427x640) IMG_8803 (640x427) IMG_8804 (427x640) IMG_8807 (640x427) IMG_8788 (427x640) P1050589 P1050590 P1050599 P1050561 P1050562 P1050587 P1050598 P1050600 P1050595 P1050597 P1050597